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Aesthetic Therapist Training

by Dermagique Studio
at Patel Hospital

In this fast-paced Aesthetic Therapy bootcamp, you will come out ready with deep knowledge and hands-on experience of premium skin treatments, laser techniques and specialised dermatology aid skills.

Course Duration

10 Weeks

Full-time Program


Classroom Hours, Hands-On 

and Immersive Training


Fast-paced Bootcamp

Quickly upgrade your skills


Dr. Seema Sood, MD

Dr. Ramandeep Kaur Taneja, MD

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Have highly relevant and technical knowledge of the fundamentals of skin and aesthetic medicine.  

  • Be trained in best-in-class protocols for skin treatments, aesthetic procedures and technology. 

  • Have hands-on experience in client handling, managing workplace expectations 

  • Have a deeper understanding of the customer’s record management for operations. 

  • Understand how to contribute more value at the workplace and how to succeed in a career in Health and Wellness setups.  

Laser Treatment

Course Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Skin 

  • International Skin Treatments

    • Skin Polishing​

    • Microneedling

    • Laser Hair Removal

    • Laser Tattoo Removal

    • Microneedling

    • and so much more

  • Business Communication and Workplace Etiquette​

  • Customer Psychology and Client Management

Upgrade your Career

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Beauty in 2023

The Beauty and Wellness industry is on the rise. Deep knowledge of skin fundamentals and international treatments gives you an edge over your competition. This fast-paced, immersive training experience prepares you for the real-world applications of the science and art of beauty services. Your career prospects can also include dermatology clinics, laser centres, aesthetic professionals, medispas, etc. Whether you choose to follow your career in India or abroad, you will have the necessary combination of technical and soft skills to perform with excellence.

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