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Hollywood Laser Peel ®

The original luxury skin treatment Hollywood celebrities get done before they go on the red carpet.

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As the name suggests, the Hollywood Laser Peel® is the authentic luxury carbon skin treatment all the way from Aesthetic Dermatologists in L.A. What does this treatment do to the skin? At the fundamental cellular level - Boosts collagen production in the deeper layers - Destroys unhealthy cells - Causes micro-exfoliaton at the surface What are the results? A 40-minute session results in - Reduction of pores, scars, fine lines and wrinkles - Clearer, brighter appearance - Evened out skin tone and texture - Warm, glowing skin ! While the results can be seen instantly, they continue to improve over the next 4-6 weeks. What is a Carbon Peel? A carbon peel is a revolutionary laser treatment in skin rejuvenation highly recommended for people with Oily skin Blackheads Enlarged pores Acne Dull skin It is a fast and painless procedure involving application of carbon to your face and using laser technologies on the absorbed carbon to rejuvenate the skin. Why is the original Spectra™ Hollywood Laser Peel® better? So many reasons ! The Spectra™ Hollywood Laser Peel® is a patented and FDA-approved carbon laser peel treatment. There are scientifically perfected steps to the protocol that are performed accurately with specially designed equipment and materials. Unlike regular carbon peel oils, the Spectra™ carbon lotion used during your treatment IS NOT AN OIL. It’s a suspension which is thinner and can get absorbed into pores and fine lines, where normal carbon peel oils would be too thick to go. Moreover, the Spectra™ protocol involves multiple passes of laser at various energy levels for different skin layers, wherein normal carbon peel procedures involve a single pass of laser at the surface level. Additionally, the FDA-approved procedure has been tested to be completely safe for Indian skin with absolutely no side-effects or down-time, while other carbon peels can sometimes result in irritation and redness. Therefore, as evident, for various reasons the Spectra™ is far ahead of industry standards in every aspect. The combination of these aspects creates outstanding, absolutely unmatchable results with no down-time!

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  • Dermagique | Patel Hospital | Skin Department, Civil Line, Jalandhar, Punjab, India


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