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Mesojet Nourishing Peel

Italian jet therapy peel that uses vitamin water serums to deeply cleanse and nourish your pores.

More Information

The Mesojet Hydroporation is the latest technology from Milan, Italy that uses vitamin water and nourishing rejuvenation serums to deeply cleanse your skin pores and deliver supplements that boost cell health from within. The procedure uses an innovative high-speed, high-pressure technology that is completely safe for Indian skin. Since there is absolutely no damage to the skin, it is extremely well-suited to sensitive skin types. You can also apply your makeup and resume your normal skincare routine right after the procedure. This procedure is completely needle-free and hygienic. Your skin undergoes intense hydration at a deeper layer while you experience a gentle and pleasant cooling sensation. What is Mesojet Hydroporation? Mesojet Hydroporation is a cutting-edge treatment from Italy that involves two major parts. First, the deep cleansing of your pores with a high-pressure micro-droplet jet system that feels like a soothing massage to you while being an intensive deep cleaning for your skin. Second, the delivery of a potent cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nourishing supplements to your skin cells through the micro-droplet delivery syste. This revitalises your skin from the inside out, boosting your skin health, collagen production and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The effect is almost instant and improves over time. Your skin appears visibly cleaner, more supple and has the natural glow of good health! What can patients expect during the treatment? Mesojet Hydroporation is a non-invasive, painless treatment that takes about an 30 minutes to complete. Before the treatment begins, the skin is cleaned on the surface. The handheld device is then passed over the skin, which feels like a gentle, soothing massage while deeply cleaning your skin. The second part of the procedure involves delivery of a nourishing vitamin and supplement serum to your skin from within its pores. Is there any downtime? The procedure is a hot favorite of many international and national celebrities because it makes you feel instantly brightened and more supple. Moreover, it doesn’t stop with instant results, the serum delivered to your skin nourishes your cell health and therefore improvement in the results is also seen over time. However, with any procedure, we recommend minimising sun exposure and protecting your skin especially right after the procedure.

Contact Details

  • Dermagique | Patel Hospital | Skin Department, Civil Line, Jalandhar, Punjab, India


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