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Body Sculpting

Non-surgical and non-invasive fat-loss and body toning treatments.

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These are non-surgical treatments that melt away your fat cells and build your muscular tissue. They also tone your physique and improve your physical core strength. A 30-minute session will give you the benefit of 20,000 muscular contractions in the targeted body parts: Abs or Abdominal Muscles Thighs Buttocks Arms Back You will experience the tightening and firmness in the targeted area after the session. You may even experience a little tiredness as if from actual exercise. However, there is no recovery time after a session. That means there is no redness or side effects which you need to wait for. The tangible results may start to occur right after the treatment. And they keep getting better and better, for 4-12 weeks, depending on post-treatment maintenance and care by you.

Contact Details

  • Dermagique | Patel Hospital | Skin Department, Civil Line, Jalandhar, Punjab, India


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