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Laser for Unwanted Hair

Personalised laser programs tailored to your hair growth & coarseness

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If you find waxing, shaving, electrolysis, tweezing too painful, time-consuming or simply too frequent and cumbersome, Laser Hair Reduction is a highly effective and convenient alternative for hair anywhere on your body. Dermatologists have made this modern procedure very safe and easily accessible. More and more people are opting for lasers as a solution for unwanted hair on the face and body to get rid of hair as well as reduce their time investments towards monthly parlor visits and grooming efforts. What is Laser for Unwanted Hair? This is a quick and painless procedure that results in permanent reduction of hair growth on the face or on the body, wherever it is performed. How does it work? The laser probe emits an intensely concentrated beam of light at a frequency that targets only dark pigments like the melanin in the hair follicle under your skin. The melanin absorbs the energy, burning the hair strand as well as permanently damaging the hair follicle or hair root, reducing hair growth in the targeted area with each laser session. Benefits of getting Laser over other alternatives? Laser Hair Reduction: - Is more precise, as it targets the hair at its roots. - Is highly targeted and therefore completely painless. - Is ideal for sensitive areas such as upper lips and underarms as no pain or trauma is caused - Is much more hygienic than waxing - Has long-term effects. The once-a-month waxing visits to the parlor turns into the once-a-year laser maintenance, if at all it is needed. Can anyone get a laser? / Recommended for: Men and women over the age of 18 years can get the laser procedure done and the procedure can be successfully performed for all skin types. When a patient approaches us, we first understand their skin goals, lifestyle, and hormonal profile. Then we create a treatment and supplement plan that will produce the best results for the patient. In certain cases, specially of unhealthy and stressful lifestyles, hormonal imbalance may be observed and additional medications might be prescribed to help control the health issues before laser treatment is prescribed. How many sessions does it take? Depending on the coarseness of hair, initial hair growth and the area, it can take 6-8 sessions of laser to produce best results. Each session results in reduction of hair growth in each session until the hair roots are completely destroyed, therefore the result improves with each additional session.

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  • Dermagique | Patel Hospital | Skin Department, Civil Line, Jalandhar, Punjab, India


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